CMG Introduces The New Stanley Bay Scallops Product: Plus A Great Recipe Idea

Hi, I’m Mark Wray, CEO of CMG Seafood. In today’s post I am really pleased to launch our new Stanley Bay Scallops product and give you a great recipe idea to share with friends.

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Our Scallops come from the remote North Tasmanian coast. They are harvested in the Bass Strait, one of the fastest flowing ocean waters in the world, where the combination of pure water, intense weather and extremely difficult fishing conditions make for what we believe to be the best scallops in the world.


Stanley is a town on the north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia, and a major fishing port in the region. Rich in history, Stanley is at “the edge of the world” facing the cold waters of the wild Southern Ocean and has long been used as a trade port for fishing and a landing port for trade from the Australian mainland.

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For people who like to eat seafood, scallops are something that can’t be missed. They’re easy to cook and taste delicious. The combination of scallop and vermicelli is a wonderful combination that is growing in popularity all over the world. Steamed scallop with garlic sauce is a top choice.

Steamed Scallop CMG Seafood

Steamed scallop with garlic vermicelli


Moderate amount of vermicelli
Oyster sauce
Green chili
Red Pepper
Steamed fish soy sauce
Cooking wine


1. Remove the scallop from the shell and clean it. Chop vermicelli and soak it in warm water, then slice ginger, garlic, chilli and set aside. Drain the soaked vermicelli and add a little sesame oil and pepper.

2. Spread the vermicelli over the bottom of the scallop shell then top with the scallop meat.

Steamed Scallop Recipe CMG Seafood

3. Add 10ml of oil to the pan and heat it, then add ginger and stir fry until the fragrance comes out, then remove the ginger. Lower the heat then add the cooking wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and a little water into the pan and mix well. Remove the sauce from the pan when boiling.

4. Pour 10ml of oil into the pan and heat to 60°C. Add half of the garlic and fry until golden, then add the remaining garlic and red pepper. Mix well then remove from the pan.

5. Spread the chopped garlic from step 4 on the scallops, then pour over the sauce made in step 3. Pour some water into a steamer and gently place the scallops and shell plate into the steamer.  Steam for 6 minutes then turn off the heat. Lastly, heat the 10ml of oil and pour it over the steamed scallops.

Steamed Scallop Recipe Steps CMG Seafood

Steamed scallops with garlic vermicelli should be eaten while hot. When it comes to CMG’s seafood, the freshness of the produce takes centre stage.

Steamed Scallop Dish CMG Seafood

Stanley scallops are very sweet with a delicate tender taste that is famous throughout the world. Now with a new-look scallop packaging, CMG scallops are available chilled when in season and frozen for the rest of the year, so you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Stanley Scallop CMG Seafood

We hope you enjoy our seafood as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

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