Our friends in Singapore are lucky enough to be able to taste Jade Tiger Abalone® without coming to Australia!

Seafood Tripod is a unique fine-dining steamed seafood restaurant in Singapore, offering an abundance of fresh and imported seafood including abalones, sea urchins, scallops, razor clams, oysters, lobsters, yellow roe crabs, tiger prawns, sea cucumbers and much more.

Sea Tripod’s dining concept is one that focuses on quality and freshness of sea produce, allowing customers to enjoy the nutrients and natural goodness of these products using the best possible cooking method – steaming.  Customers can also see their fresh seafood cooked in front of them at the table.

Since becoming CMG’s partner restaurant, Jade Tiger Abalone® has become a must-try dish at Sea Tripod. The unique bright green shell, tiger stripe and natural white flesh make Jade Tiger Abalone® so rare and special.

The steaming method maintains Jade Tiger Abalone’s original freshness and sweetness. If you are ever in Singapore, do not miss Jade Tiger Abalone!

Jade Tiger Abalone® can only be found in Australia,exclusive to CMG Australia.

331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residence, 088764 Singapore

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